65. Why is there so little publicity for your point of view?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 65

I have already answered this question at length. Let me reply to Nizkor’s glib and arrogant assertion that Holocaust Denial – as they like to call it – is “absurd.”

It is not absurd at all to deny that which did not exist and did not take place. It is absurd to uphold that which did not exist and did not take place.

The Flat Earth argument applied by Nizkor to Revisionists is really rich – but typical. If Holocaust Revisionist claims were as absurd as those advanced by Flat Earth proponents, why would it not be necessary to pass stringent laws in almost all countries of the world against the claims of Flat Earth proponents?

When was the last time you have seen a law against Flat Earth Deniers?

The panic-stricken Zionist Lobby and beneficiaries of the Holocaust Free-Lunch Program are working hard around the globe to have ever stricter laws passed against anyone who dares to question their claims – and who dares to question the legitimacy of their lucrative extortion racket. Why do they find it necessary to charge people criminally, drag them before criminal courts and tribunals, fine them tens of thousands of dollars, or jail them for years – for not believing in a story that is so patently absurd?


Only people with a definite political financial agenda based on a monumental lie – composed of a series of collections of lies – have to be so afraid of truth coming out that when court decisions, fines and jail terms don’t deter the truth teller, they have to escalate the cost or price – and beat, bomb or burn the truth-telling Revisionist researcher out! What kind of people are these? Who would stoop so low and adopt such criminal tactics for merely not liking somebody else’s viewpoints?

These Holocaust Enforcers are afraid of the truth coming out because the historical truth will put an end to their undeserved fame and public esteem, unearned wealth and lofty positions in society with all the perks of power that have accrued to them.

That’s why they fight with the resolve and desperation of cornered criminals and con-men about to be “outed”!

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