63. What happened to the historians who have questioned the “Holocaust” material?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 63

Take a look at one Revisionist victim who dared to examine the Holocaust and had the courage to publish his findings:

That’s Dr. Faurisson! Here is what happened to him:

At least 10 times physically assaulted by Holocaust Enforcers; on several occasions nearly killed. Jaws broken. Teeth knocked out. Hospitalized for weeks. Persecuted mercilessly in endless legal battles.

Background and contribution: Known as the “Dean of the world-wide Revisionist movement” and principal teacher of Ernst Zündel, Dr. Faurisson first discovered the technical and architectural drawings of the Auschwitz morgues, the crematories and other installations. He was also the first to insist that only a U.S. gas chamber expert could unravel the technical impossibility of the Auschwitz “homicidal gassing” story – as falsely told to the public for over half a century.

Dr. Faurisson was Zündel’s mentor, advisor and trial witness in the 1984 preliminary hearings and in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. He was slated as expert witness for the 1991 Munich trial of Ernst Zündel. (The prosecution dropped the Anne Frank Diary part of the charge in mid-trial after they learned that Dr. Faurisson was going to testify to that point.)

He was also slated as expert witness in the 1997 (and ongoing) Human Rights Tribunal hearings, but was disqualified on a whim.

Now take a look at the list of victims who have met with various degrees of physical and psychological violence as Revisionist victims of Zion!

Are these people dummies? Did Christ have a doctorate in Christianity? Marx in Marxism? Hitler in National Socialism? Who cares that Stäglich was “only” a judge, and Butz “only” an electrical engineer – that Dr. Faurisson was “only” a professor of literature and of ancient texts and documents, or that O’Keefe dropped out of Harvard! Can their research stand the acid test of truth or not? That’s the criterion. Nothing else matters.

Is a degree necessary to have a right to one’s opinions – or that one can’t think without one, putting two and two together?

Does Ken McVay, the burned-out rock musician, variety store restocking clerk and gas station attendant have more credentials than the men and women who are listed above and who have paid the price for having unpopular, politically incorrect opinions? Is the art dealer Reitlinger, or the liar Mermelstein, or the picture falsifier Wiesenthal, more qualified than Revisionist researchers who have put their very lives on the line – and who are doing it daily?

It is true I, Ernst Zundel, was “only” a lowly photo retoucher – but that’s how I can tell when an Auschwitz photo is faked!

What is this nonsense about only state-, society-, institution- or Jewish-approved people being allowed to comment or to publish and proselytize their views and findings? What kind of degree has Jamie McCarthy?

The Revisionist collection of historical amateurs and auto-didacts have investigated, analyzed, dissected, evaluated and looked with just ordinary common sense at the wild claims and fanciful tales of the Holocaust Inventors. They found it, crudely put. a crock of absolute doodoo – no more than the collective hallucinations of feverish minds and warped, overly fertile Zionist, agenda-driven brains who have massively lied for vast profit – for more than half a century!

The Jewish writer Samuel Gringanz had this to say already in the 1950s in his magazine “Jewish Social Studies” when he spoke of survivors’ memoirs and reports:

“. . . most of the memoirs and reports are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilletante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks and apologies. (page 65)

I rest my case. I could not have said it better myself.

Perhaps the odd affinity between the ARA and the Holocaust Lobby is best summarized in an excerpt from an Ernst Zundel affidavit subtitled “B’nai Brith’s Condoning and Support of Violence”:

25. In 1993, posters from a new, radical, violent group called “Anti-Racist Action” (hereinafter referred to as “ARA”) began appearing around downtown Toronto. These posters featured a photograph of my face in the cross-hairs of a rifle with the words: “Guru of hate – Ernst Zundel – Your days are numbered…” A second poster featured a smaller version of my face with the rifle cross-hairs superimposed over it with the words: “The one that got away…Not!…Stop Zundel.” A further poster titled “BORED?” gave directions to my home and directions on how to build a molotov cocktail. The ARA spray-painted slogans in the back of my property such as “Zundel Watch Your Back ARA”. Attached to this my affidavit as Exhibit A, pages 23-26, are copies of the posters which were posted by the hundreds in downtown Toronto in 1993 and 1994 at various times and a photograph of the spray-painted slogans.

26. A violent demonstration by ARA took place at my home during November, 1993 when my house was pelted with paint, eggs, chain links and excrement bombs. Only the presence and protection of massive numbers of Toronto police and a large plastic covering over the house prevented serious damage. Karen Mock of B’nai Brith excused the violence as being a result of the “frustration felt by many young people because of perceived law enforcement and government inaction.” This was reported in an article the Canadian Jewish News, Dec. 2, 1993, a copy of which I attach to this my affidavit as Exhibit A, pages 27 and 28, together with a copy of an article from the Globe & Mail, Nov. 25, 1993 covering the demonstration.

27. In 1994, B’nai Brith again entered the media with calls for my extradition to Germany after it became public that I had applied for Canadian citizenship. B’nai Brith took the position in a statement that I did not deserve to be a Canadian citizen. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 29, is a copy of an article from the Montreal Gazette dated July 28, 1994 referring to B’nai Brith’s statement.

28. In 1994, B’nai Brith called for “Holocaust denial” to be made a unique criminal offence. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 30, is a copy of an article from the Canadian Jewish News, October 27, 1994.

29. In a 1995 press conference announcing their annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents, B’nai Brith again severely criticized Canadian governments for failing to charge me with hate and again called for me to be charged. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 31, is a copy of articles from the Toronto Star and the Saturday Sun of March 4, 1995.

30. On May 7, 1995, an arsonist set fire to my home and caused massive damage to the front half of the house. The entire third floor was destroyed together with thousands of invaluable books and documents. I have no doubt that the hysteria whipped up by B’nai Brith contributed to the lynch-mob atmosphere of vigilantism and violence which permeated this period of time. Police were given a surveillance tape of the arsonist in action, but so far no arrests have been made. Attached to this my affidavit as Exhibit A, pages 32-34, is a copy of an article from the Toronto Star, May 8, 1995 reporting the fire and showing Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall watching it.

31. Shortly after the arson, on May 12, 1995, two ARA leaders, one of whom I identified as Ajith Aluthwatta, appeared outside of my house with two leaders of the Jewish Defence League (JDL): Meir Halevi, from the Canadian JDL and Irv Rubin from the United States JDL. The JDL has been classified by the FBI in the United States as a terrorist organization. The two men attempted to break into the boarding I had put up around the burnt-out house. I called the police who questioned them, checked their identities and let them go because they had caused only a “minor” mischief. Attached to this my affidavit as Exhibit A, pages 35, 36, are photographs of the police questioning the ARA and JDL leaders and a copy of an article describing the incident in NOW magazine, May 18-24, 1995.

32. Two weeks after the arson a pipe bomb was sent to my address in a suspicious package which I did not open. Police exploded the bomb later in a safe area and informed me that had the bomb exploded, it would have killed the person who opened the package and anyone within a 90 meter radius. Other groups were also targetted with pipe bombs during this period. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 37, 38, is a copy of articles from the Toronto Sun, July 21, 27 1995 on the pipe bombs.

33. On March 14, 1996, B’nai Brith again called for me to be charged under the hate laws at a major press conference where it released its annual audit of anti-semitic activities. These comments were given nation-wide media coverage. I was again called a hate monger. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 39, is a copy of an article from the Toronto Star, March 15, 1996.

34. In November of1995, Sabina Citron, laid two further private criminal charges against me of conspiracy to incite hatred and defamatory libel of named Jewish individuals. Again, after a four month investigation by Hate Crimes unit investigators and senior Crown Attorneys expert in hate propaganda, the Crown intervened in the case and withdrew the charges on March 15, 1996.. On the steps of the courthouse after the charges were withdrawn Karen Mock of B’nai Brith angrily demanded some four feet from where I stood that new charges should be laid against me under the hate laws. I attempted to ask her if she had not heard what had happened inside the courtroom, where she had sat during the entire proceedings within two rows of me. She ignored me and continued shouting at the assembled press that I was a hate monger. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit B is a videotape of the Mock comments.

35. In June and July1996, B’nai Brith played a major role supporting an application by the violent ARA for a grant from Toronto’s Metro Council. Karen Mock of B’nai Brith made an impassioned speech to Metro Council for the grant to ARA which was carried on local cable TV. Both Mock and Kurz wrote letters to the Metro Council supporting the grant. Kurz wrote in his capacity as member of the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Community and Race Relations. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 40-42, are copies of the letters from Mock and Kurz to Metro Council supporting the ARA grant and the covering letter of Charles Smith, Metro Council Access and Equity Centre.

36. In fact, the Metro Toronto Hate Crimes unit sent information to Metro Council about ARA’s Internet Website which contained such words as “Fuck Authority” and “Fuck Hierarchy. Organize Horizontally Not Vertically. Fight and resist fascist asskissers of the corporate state – remember, Hitler was also elected to office – and who groomed Hitler? Racist anti-Semites…” Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A is a copy of the fax to Metro Council’s administrative office from the Metro Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 43-47, is a copy of the five page fax from the Police Hate Crimes Unit to Metro Council.

37. In a fax to Toronto Metro Councillor Norm Gardner’s office, Sam Title of B’nai Brith wrote:

“Here’s the info you requested on ARA. Just so you are aware we have have (sic) worked with them before, and we presently have a very workable and amiable relationship with ARA…despite their ‘tactics.'”

Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 48, is a copy of the fax from B’nai Brith to George Berger of Councillor Norm Gardner’s office.

38. B’nai Brith supported and participated in the conference held by the ARA in June of 1996 called “Youth Against Hate.” Karen Mock appeared as a panelist in a seminar entitled “Anti-Fascist Strategies” along with B’nai Brith’s prominent member and counsel, Marvin Kurz, who in this instance represented the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Race Relations, one of the complainants in this case. Sabina Citron, the other complainant in this case, also appeared as a panelist in a seminar entitled “Holocaust Survivors Speak Out.” Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 49-52, is a copy of the ARA “Youth Against Hate” program identifying Mock, Kurz and Citron as panelists.

39. In ARA’s magazine “On the Prowl” from the fall of 1996, Karen Mock of B’nai Brith is pictured at the conference sitting under the logo of ARA which has been banned as a hate group logo from at least one Toronto school board. The article referred to me and Toronto Sun columnist Christie Blatchford as follows: “Racist media grandmongers, like Christie Blackbutt from the ill reputed Toronto Sun to Ernie ‘no neck’ Zunie, had to stop scratching their white asses and start lobbying to keep us from getting this money.” The article gave a “special fuck to that right wing shit-head Christie Blatchford of the Toronto Sun, who predicted that the conference would never happen!” The ARA article endorsed violence as a political means in its references to Mandela and Rabin. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 53, is a copy of the “On the Prowl” article.

40. ARA has been banned as a violent hate group by some school boards in Ontario. The Scarborough Board of Education banned the group from school property after consultation with Metro Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit officers. The Board of Education described the group as a violent group known to the Toronto police. The Durham Board of Education has banned the ARA from its schools as a group whose tactics involve physical confrontation and extreme violence. The Wellington County Board of Education has banned the ARA from school property as a group whose “tactics involve physical confrontation and extreme violence that has lead to bodily injury and police intervention.” Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 54-57, is a letter from the Scarborough Board of Education regarding ARA and the Durham Board of Education and Wellington Board of Education directives to all principals regarding the ARA.

41. Apart from the threatening posters and violent demonstrations in front of my house by the ARA, this organization has been implicated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in the arson of my house in 1995. A Kitchener electronics businessman, Michael Rothe, was interviewed by two CSIS agents who identified themselves as such and showed identification badges. Their names were given as Angela and Peter. The interview was taped on a security camera in the store on February 7, 1996. The following transcript is as close as I have been able to come having listened to the tape closely:

ANGELA: Have you heard of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service? …

PETER: You can bet it’s real!…I’ll explain to you what we are first….We’re the political police. Angela and I are from the counter-terrorism branch…We are interested in the Heritage Front. …

PETER: In Toronto, Wolfgang has much trouble with a group that calls itself Anti-Racist Action, ARA. This is a collection of anarchists, Trotskyists, Stalinists.

ANGELA: One of the problems that we’ve also had with the ARA as Peter was describing is that they bomb and they firebombed, you know, Ernst Zundel, I’m sure you’ve heard about the problems he has and the various leaders of the so-called right wing groups have received firebombs.

PETER: So, we’re interested to know…were there threats ever made to you.

Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit B is a copy of the videotape which was given to me by Mr. Rothe.

42. On October 25, 1996, the ARA held a seven hour demonstration in front of my house after advertising the demonstration in posters plastered all over downtown Toronto which invited people to come to a “kosher barbecue” at my house. On the day of the demonstration, members of the ARA wore ski masks and held signs saying: “Burn Zundel down!”. They shouted: “Lock the Nazis in – burn the house down!”. Given the ARA’s Molotov cocktail poster and the arson of my home in 1995 and the comments of CSIS, these threats were not taken lightly by me. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 58, is a copy of the ARA poster.

43. Marvin Kurz, a professed supporter of the ARA and their conference, a member of and counsel for B’nai Brith and chair of its legal committee, is presently a member of the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Community and Race Relations which is one of the complainants in this case. Kurz was the person who instigated the complaint and brought the matter on to the Mayor’s Committee agenda. It is highly improper that B’nai Brith be allowed to intervene in this case in these circumstances. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, page 59-60, is a copy of the Kurz memo to the Mayor’s Committee concerning bringing the present complaint against me before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

44. B’nai Brith has continued their vendetta against me and used its close and amiable relationsihp with the ARA even though it knows that publication of my views does not incite any hatred towards Jews. This was proven by a book financed by B’nai Brith entitled Hate on Trial which was published by Mosaic Press in 1986. In fact the book found that people became more sympathetic to the Jewish community as a result of the massive media coverage of my 1985 trial. Attached to this my affidavit and marked Exhibit A, pages 61-64, is a copy of the title page of Hate on Trial and relevant pages.

B’nai Brith’s Karen Mock and Marvin Kurz have hobnobbed with ARA leaders in broad daylight and attended their gatherings, even advised them on their website, sponsored them and endorsed them for grants of public money. They like those thugs a lot!

Whenever Karen Mock, Marvin Kurz, Sabina Citron or Sol Litman appear at court hearings, ARA gatherings, or Human Rights Tribunals, the ARA ruffians and JDL goons are never far behind. B’nai Brith, which helps underwrite Nizkor through one of its many tax-deductible fronts, is basically merely the Holocaust Enforcer without the clubs and gas cans. Instead of uzzis, they carry law degrees in their violin cases.

Moralizing by B’nai Brith and Nizkor is no substitute for moral conduct or behavior. So is the pot calling the kettle black?

And finally: Regarding my supposed “advocating” of censorship:

I make no apologies for saying that the semi-pornographic, historically false, sadomasochistic Spielberg film fantasy “Schindler’s List” should be banned from being shown in public cinemas in schools and on television. Why? Because it offends against existing laws on the books in most civilized countries against pornography, sado-masochism and the corruption of minors by such filth.

I did not make those laws. I am, however, a strong believer in obeying laws. Some countries have better laws than others.

Some countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and others did exactly that – they banned that piece of worthless trash and Zionist propaganda. And I say: Good for them!

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