55. What caused Anne Frank’s death just several weeks before the end of the war?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 55

The answer given by the IHR is short, succinct, and to the point. Anne Frank died of typhus, like tens of thousands of concentration camp inmates and civilians did in World War II – Jews and Gentiles! Typhus, the scourge of all wars, knows no race, religion or nationality. It kills old and young, men, women and children.

The typhus question has already been answered extensively in previous questions – and readers are invited to check by using a site-specific search engine installed at the bottom of every Zundelsite page. Additionally, other Revisionist sites have ample information on typhus. Usually the disease is carried by lice, or is airborne when kicked up by dust. That’s why the Germans built and installed all these high-tech delousing facilities for their soldiers, German civilians, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians etc. – both in camps and at ports, harbors, railroad yards, hospital areas, municipalities etc.

Zyklon B was the great life saver! Zyklon B was used to combat vermin and thus control the epidemic caused by typhus. That Germany’s enemies have turned this responsible German public health policy upside down by declaring it a “genocidal” policy is itself an act of unprecedented callousness and immorality unequaled in the annals of history!

Let’s now look at Nizkor’s revealing and totally off-the-mark answers about the family of Anne Frank.

What is implied here? That they all died? Yes, they did. Chances are most died of typhus.

Look at the detailed dossiers available from the Dutch Red Cross – with dates and neat dossier numbers! The International Commission of the Red Cross and the Geneva-administered Arolson Tracing Service have the selfsame detailed information available on virtually every single person who ever was incarcerated in a German facility, prison, prison camp, labor camp or concentration camp – even prisoner-of-war camp.

They released this helpful information in the case of Anne Frank and her relatives. Why not release the same information on all the other former inmates? We could settle the “gassing” question right on the spot.

There are two basic answers as to why these dossiers are under lock and key:

1. The records would reveal that most, if not all, the people who passed through these German camps were interned after a lawful process was followed. Not all of them were put in concentration camps because of race, religion or national origin, as people are led to believe. Many of the internees were in those camps for activities that were deemed crimes in their respective countries in Europe at the time. Were the Allies to release those dossiers, they would take sainthood and victim status away from hundreds of thousands if not millions of sexual perverts, rapists, thieves, con-men, racketeers, swindlers, abortionists, saboteurs, check forgers, pimps, whores etc. The list could go on for the endless dregs of society that have plagued mankind since times immemorial. These concentration camp inmates – especially the “non-political” ones the Allies released in their naive or cruel stupidity at the end of the war, just as the Bolsheviks did after the Red Revolution – were back in Allied custody en masse within months or a few years after their undeserved “liberation”!

That is something the Allies simply cannot and will not admit – not yet anyway! They hope they can wait with opening these archives till the last sexual deviate, murderer and crook has died – as “saint” and “victim” of Nazism.

2. A second reason why the Allies won’t permit a look at those all-important archives is simply that it would reveal and document in millions of instances that there was no German policy and no “gassing” of Jews – or anyone else.

This would make the International Committee of the Red Cross and its staff an accessory to a crime of unprecedented proportions, and would lead to the withdrawal of public and international support for what was once an organization beyond reproach. The whole international framework of cooperation in Red Cross related areas – like care for battle field casualties, emergency rescue, and relief operations – would be called into question. It would be a public relations nightmare that the Red Cross could never afford.

The day will come, however, when the lid will be blown off this disgusting cover-up. There are cracks in the dam already! They can run – but they cannot forever hide and keep from public scrutiny what is still kept at Arolson.

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