54. Did the Nazis and the Zionists collaborate?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 54

Nizkorites show their willingness to twist, turn and deflect because they do not like the content of the more than abundant evidence of the Hitler regime’s willingness – in fact, eagerness! – to cooperate with Jewish groups, domestic and overseas, to solve what even Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, had called “The Jewish Problem” in his groundbreaking work.

There are all kinds of documents in the archives of the world proving German/”Nazi”-Zionist collaboration. There is more than a bushelful available for anyone who cares to look.

Edwin Black, a young American Jew from Chicago, was the first English-speaking popular writer to illuminate this close and intimate working relationship in his book, The Transfer Agreement.

Here is one passage that shows how relations were at that time:

The Nazi recognition of Zionism that began in April of 1933 was apparent because the Zionists enjoyed a visibly protected political status in Germany. Immediately after the Reichstag fire of February 27, the Nazis crushed virtually all political opposition. Through emergency decrees, most non-Nazi political organizations and suspect newspapers were dissolved. In fact, about 600 newspapers were officially banned during 1933. . . The exception included Jüdische Rundschau, the ZVfD’s weekly, and several other Jewish publications. German Zionism’s weekly was hawked on street corners and displayed at newsstands. When Chaim Arlosoroff visited Zionist headquarters in London on June 1, he emphasized, “The Rundschau is of crucial importance today for the Zionists. Every day it gets fifty to sixty subscribers.” By the end of 1933, Jüdische Rundschau’s circulation had in fact jumped to more than 38,000 – four to five times its 1932 circulation. Although many influential Aryan publications were forced to restrict their page size to conserve newsprint, Jüdische Rundschau was not affected until mandatory newsprint rationing in 1937. (p. 174)

Tom Segev, the best-known Israeli historian of this generation, expanded on that topic in his sensational book, “The Seventh Million” published by Hill and Wang, 1993

Here is what he has to say:

Nazi Germany’s ties with Palestine proceeded normally through the prewar years. There were mail, telephone and financial links; many German Jews who had been forced out of their jobs continued to receive their monthly social security pensions in Palestine. Palestine exported to Germany and Germany to Palestine. People traveled back and forth by sea and occasionally by air. Some came from Germany to scout out conditions in Palestine before deciding to settle there. Others arrived as businessmen, and still others as vacationers and tourists. German government officials also visited, including Wilhelm Frick, Hitler’s minister of the interior, who passed through Jerusalem on his honeymoon. (p. 16)

I was informed about this “Nazi-Zionist” cooperation by my Jewish mentor, Joseph Ginsburg, who wrote a book about it, entitled “Schuld und Schicksal: Europas Juden zwischen Henkern und Heuchlern.” I visited “Burg”, as he is known, in Europe and corresponded with him at length on these topics. I invited him to Toronto to interview him and film his answers to my questions. He stayed with me at my house for three weeks, where we had days and days of in-depth, extensive discussions about this topic. These films survived the Zundel-Haus arson!

Burg later, at age 84, would return to Toronto to testify on my behalf in the 1988 trial. The prosecution was so shocked by Burg’s appearance that they did not ask him a single question – for fear of the answers that they might get that would become part of the public record.

You may check the Burg testimony by going to the Index of the Barbara Kulaszka transcript summaries, to be found at http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/dsmrd/ You will realize why the prosecution did not want this honest Jewish writer to testify.

Joseph Burg has since died but has left a legacy of booklets, books, papers and unpublished manuscripts that will be published when the time is right. For Nizkor to dismiss the idea that even bitter enemies might cooperate with one another in matters of vital interest, either in public or behind-the-scenes, is either so stupid or callous that it staggers the imagination!

Here’s to refresh Nizkor’s selective memory a bit:

1. America under Presidents Carter and Reagan negotiated with the Iranians behind-the-scenes for the release of the hostages. They were not fond of each other.

2. Hitler negotiated with Stalin – certainly two ideological enemies if ever there were any.

3. Churchill and Roosevelt negotiated with Stalin when Communists were under surveillance in their respective countries for being potential enemies of both states.

4. Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin negotiated a deal that was sealed with a handshake on the White House lawn.

5. Rabin and other Israeli leaders had contact with the PLO and negotiated a deal in Oslo – all the while calling Yassir Arafat a “terrorist” and “killer”.

The list could go on endlessly. The answer is simple, logical and reasonable:

The Germans/”Nazis” wanted the Jews out of their country – and later out of Europe. The sooner the better! They were not fond of them and considered them culture destroyers who were intent on undermining what was dear to the German nation and people.

The growing Zionist movement had a dream of a nation of Jews – a state for the Jews – for which they needed skilled, well-trained, educated, healthy people with assets to help them build such a state.

The two interests complemented one another. The Germans wanted the Jews out. The Zionists wanted the Jews in. The Havarra Agreement satisfied both people’s aspirations – and thus the “Nazi”-Zionist collaboration became a fact.

That the organized political leadership of the Jews wants to hide this fact of history is clear. If they acknowledged it, they would have little basis for their reparations racket and would certainly look much less like Hitler’s victims. That’s why Nizkorites make light of the facts of history. Ken McVay, specifically, is covering up for his financial benefactors.

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