52. What was the role of the Vatican during the time the six million Jews were alleged to have been exterminated?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 52

The IHR position is correct. Half of Germany’s population was Catholic, as was the majority of the National Socialist hierarchy and some of the leadership – including Hitler and Goebbels.

Every German Army unit and military base of any size, including Hitler’s headquarters, “Die Wolfschanze”, had chapels and rooms for worship, along with Catholic and Protestant “Feldgeistliche” or army chaplains.

The same was true of concentration camps like Auschwitz, Dachau and others. Time-Life books have photos of the esthetically well-appointed chapels in some of the German camps.

German concentration camp guards, soldiers, officers, generals, camp commandants, nurses, doctors etc. all went to church and confession. Some of these devoted Catholics, who did not know whether or not they were going to meet their Maker through a bomb, a grenade, or a bullet – in an hour, a day or a week! – would certainly have unburdened their troubled consciences about horrific events such as gassings to some priests. If they had gassed people or seen someone gassed, they would have confessed to these crimes.

Thus, the Vatican knew exactly what was going on. Church officials in the Vatican, better than anyone else, could separate facts from rumors. That they did not speak out then – and have not spoken out since – simply means that there was nothing to speak out about.

The Holocaust Lobby and its Enforcers have lately tried very hard to corner and browbeat an ailing and aging Pope into some sort of confession about “complicity.” We will have to see how far a politicized Catholic hierarchy is willing to bend to Jewish entreaties, threats and blackmail.

For Nizkor to quote Lochner’s 1948 version of the Goebbels diaries is typical. To find out what the US Government has to say about these diaries and their origin,read some of the testimony at the Zundel Trial, go to the Index of the Barbara Kulaszka transcript summaries, to be found at http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/dsmrd/ and read up on the Walendy, Faurisson and Browning testimonies.

The letter attributed by Nizkor to the Catholic Bishop of Limburg is of such polemical and childishly nonsensical nature that it is not worthy of comment. It is an idiotic letter. God knows who wrote it. It repeats the non-scientific, thus non-existent propaganda tale of billowing crematory chimneys and the foul smell associated with cremation. That nonsense has been dealt with exhaustively in previous posts by people like Ivan Lagace. Use the Zundelsite search engine by typing in some key words – and then forever hold your peace!

The dig re mercy killings or euthanasia is a red herring thrown in to distract and divert. Here, too, the Nizkorites cannot have it both ways.

The Allied propagandists made and still make the claim that the Hitler regime killed tens of thousands of insane and retarded people in some secret operation and only stopped the campaign after the Church authorities agitated against it.

1. This presupposes knowledge of a top secret plan and operation.

2. It presupposes the freedom to speak out publicly against it from the pulpit in a supposedly murderous dictatorship.

3. It implies that Hitler was so intimidated by the church’s actions that he stopped it. Can Nizkor really say that with a straight face – after having made the claim, over and over, that Hitler ran a cruel dictatorship that nobody dared to oppose?

4. Either the Germans knew, or they didn’t. Either they spoke out, or they didn’t.

If the church spoke out against the so-called “mercy killing” of the handicapped, why would the church not have done likewise when not just tens of thousands but “six million” Jews plus an additional “five million” Catholics and Protestants were allegedly murdered in an equally clandestine way?

Do the Nizkorites not see their own illogic nature of this argument?

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