51. What did the International Red Cross have to report with regard to the “Holocaust” question?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 51

Let’s get some perspective here. How many Red Cross delegates did Stalin, America’s ally, allow in to investigate rumors about Katyn? None.

See the testimony of Biedermann in Barbara Kulaszka’s book at http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/dsmrd/dsmrd10biedermann.html It is a chapter well worth reading.

The Germans invited British, Canadian and other officers and forensic experts from other European nations to investigate the mass killings of Katyn where 14,000 of the Polish elite had been murdered by the Soviets. The Red Cross declined. Nothing was investigated. The Germans continued to be blamed for over half a century for something the Soviets had done.

The German authorities had invited the International Red Cross to send forensic experts and observers to the mass grave-exhumation site in Katyn. But for political reasons, in order not to offend the Allies – and, they said, because Stalin did not invite them, since the murder site was on Soviet territory – some half-hearted compromise was found by the Red Cross authorities by allowing some non-official Red Cross members of other European nations to go to the murder scene.

There were over 4,000 obviously false and perjured affidavits and testimonies produced by a Soviet Katyn Commission in 1944, blaming Germans for this mass murder in the most minute detail. So much for this supposed truthfulness of “witness testimony”!

In April of 1990 the Polish President Wojciech Jaruselski received from Soviet President Michail Gorbachev two containers of Soviet documents about what really happened at Katyn. Silence was the result. Only Boris Yeltsin put an end to the lie – by finally admitting Soviet responsibility for the attempted genocide against the Polish elite, after he took over from Gorbachev.

Yet seven German officers and soldiers were tried in show trials in the Soviet Union for their alleged role in the murders of Katyn and hanged in a public ceremony, watched by thousands of spectators, filmed and shown in newsreels all over the Soviet Union and the East Bloc – for decades! These men have not been rehabilitated to this day – not even by the so-called “German government!”

The IHR answer is essentially correct. The 1944 Red Cross Report is clear. By that time, the Allies were dropping millions of leaflets in Polish and German over the Auschwitz area, claiming extermination by all sorts of means. The rumor mills at Auschwitz, as in other camps of the era both Allied and German and even as happens in prison facilities of today, have always been very active and scary and have been and are often just that – false! False claims – based on embellished stories and rumors!

To this day, the International Committee of the Red Cross, an organization that runs Arolson (the International Tracing Service) is playing a corrupt role by lending its name and prestige to a thinly disguised cover-up by preventing research in those millions of documents they hold under lock and key in that Arolson facility.

If you really want to know about the so-called “humanitarian” function of the International Red Cross, study the ZGram of March 6, 1999 at http://www.webcom.com/ezundel/english/zgrams/zg1999/zg9903/990306.html

The Holocaust riddle could be solved in a matter of months if the Red Cross were ever to turn honest. The role and record of the International Red Cross in the Second World War and especially after the war in the years from 1945-1950 is one of partiality and dismal failure when it comes to investigating and, above all, publishing the crimes of Stalin and of the Western Allies. This chapter of history has yet to be written.

RE: Münch – the Allies favorite “witness”: Here is what Germar Rudolf found out about him when he interviewed him in June of 1995:

Dr. Münch (also known as “Moench” or “Mönch”) was not a regular physician employed at Auschwitz, as he claims, but apparently a hygienist. His is not a name that appears frequently in the traditional Holocaust literature; he is, however, highly sought after by tabloid type media.

In other words, he is a “media-witness” who willingly bolsters the traditional version of a Hollywood-type “Holocaust.” He likes the accolades accorded him, since he is willing to toe the politically correct line. He repeats tabloid-type stories.

He very willingly talks about “gassings” and “cremations” and is the kind that has actually “seen” flames shoot out of crematoria and has “smelled” the stench of burnt human bodies – stories that do not check out with what is known of cremations. (No flames. No smoke. No stench). Even a cursory knowledge of physics makes clear to a discerning reader that this is a man with a vivid but sieve-like imagination whose stories don’t square with science.

His “testimony” is full of contradictions and mistakes of the most elementary kind that are easy to check out. A tape and a full analyzed transcript exists of his interview with Germar Rudolf; unfortunately, it is only in German.

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