32. Hoess said in his confession that his men would smoke cigarettes as they pulled the dead Jews out of the gas chambers ten minutes after gassing. Isn’t Zyklon-B explosive?

Ernst Zündel Replies:
Rebuttal # 32

Höss had no scientific background. We have already established that he gave his torturers the testimony they obviously needed to hear so they could weave a pattern of genocide they required as a basis to demonize the Hitler regime, hang Germany’s wartime leadership, and lay the groundwork for the massive and unconscionable reparations racket, the “guilt payments” first induced by this propaganda, then extracted from the postwar German generations. See Nahum Goldmans “The Jewish Paradox” and Tom Segev’s book “The Seventh Million” on how the Reparation Scheme was pulled off.

To answer the question, here is the scientific answer as of today:

HCN is explosive in a range between 6 and 41 vol.-%. Since the concentration normally used for disinfestation as well as – according to eyewitness accounts – allegedly used for mass killings never exceeded 2 vol.-%, a danger of explosion exists only in the neighbourhood of the carrier where the concentration can rise occasionally up to 60 vol.-%.

Had an explosion from a glowing cigarette resulted, the smoker would already have consumed an extremely lethal amount of HCN due to the high, explosive HCN concentration. So he would have died by two causes: poisoning and explosion.

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